Data models

Data model development was the initial scope of the OpenConfig project, and continues to be one of our key deliverables. OpenConfig data models are written in YANG v1.0, the IETF standard data modeling language for network management with wide adoption in the networking industry.

OpenConfig data models have several advantages:

  • vendor-neutral – OpenConfig models reflect a user perspective, and as such do not reflect any particular vendor’s implementation or convention.
  • operationally complete – OpenConfig models are not intended to exhaustively cover every feature or protocol available; rather we focus on features most widely and commonly used by network operators.
  • consistent and cohesive – OpenConfig data models all follow the same overall modeling approach, and share a common structure and style, making it easy to understand how different models work together.
  • configuration and telemetry – OpenConfig models cover both configuration and monitoring data in the same model (in a standard, well-defined structure); we avoid the complications of multiple schemas, for example to reflect different conceptual datastores.

The official distribution channel for OpenConfig YANG models is our public GitHub repository.

Vendor support

OpenConfig data models are supported on a number of networking platforms from major providers including Arista, Ciena, Dell, Cisco, and Juniper across routing/switching, optical transport, and wifi. Contact your vendor for the latest information.

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