How to contribute

We have several public forums for discussion and code contributions from the wider community, including network equipment vendors, other open source projects, and individuals.

Public discussion list

The public discussion group is open to everyone – you can request to join it here. It is a relatively low-volume group, but we welcome general questions, suggestions, and discussion on the list.

GitHub issues

GitHub issues are the preferred mechanism for raising and tracking bugs, feature requests, and ideas. OpenConfig projects are generally managed using public repositories where anyone can open or comment on an issue.

For specific questions, suggestions, and bug reports about OpenConfig YANG data models, please open issues in the OpenConfig public repository.

Data model contributions

For direct contributions to YANG data models (e.g. via pull requests), we have a review and curation process described in our external contributions guide.

Code contributions

OpenConfig software projects are managed on GitHub, following a process similar to most other open source projects. Contributions in the form of pull requests are welcome. Please note that all contributions to OpenConfig require a CLA.